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Reduced Fare

Updated May 6, 2019

The MTA offers reduced fares on its subways, buses, Long Island Rail Road, and Metro-North Railroad

Where and when you can ride at the reduced fare?

  • MTA New York City Transit Subway
  • MTA New York City Transit and MTA Bus: local buses anytime
  • MTA New York City Transit and MTA Bus: express buses anytime except weekday rush hours: Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 10 am and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • MTA Long Island Rail Road and the MTA Metro-North Railroad anytime except weekday rush hours to New York City terminals

Learn more and apply for the Reduced-Fare Program.

NYC Transit Fares

  • Base subway or local bus fare - $2.75
  • Reduced fare is half the base fare, $1.35 or less with Reduced-Fare MetroCard discounts.
  • Customers who are 65 years of age or older or have a qualifying disability are eligible for Reduced-Fare.
  • The Reduced fare cost of a 7-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard is $16.00.
  • The Reduced fare cost of a 30-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard is $60.50.
  • Subways accept MetroCard payment only and Buses accept exact change or MetroCard.
  • Customers get an automatic free transfer between subway and bus, or between buses.

EasyPay MetroCard

By using EasyPay to purchase a MetroCard, customers can cap monthly spending at $60.50, the reduced-fare cost of a 30-day card. By tracking usage, New York City Transit provides each EasyPay customer with the least expensive payment option retroactively; frequent users pay the monthly rate, others receive the advantages of weekly or per-ride rates.

Learn more and apply for the EasyPay Program.