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Coming soon: Buy railroad tickets and plan trips in one app

Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North's TrainTime apps, along with eTix, will soon be combined into one seamless app experience.
Updated August 3, 2022 1:00 p.m.


A graphic advertising a new MTA TrainTime app, showing three app icons combined into one.

Exciting news for railroad riders: Later this month, we're combining three apps into one to provide a seamless experience for Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad customers. The new TrainTime app will include schedule and train-tracking information for both LIRR and Metro-North, along with the ticket-buying functionality of MTA eTix.  

With the new TrainTime, you'll be able to plan a trip, purchase a ticket, get train status and track location, and chat with a customer service representative for either LIRR or Metro-North, all in one app. The new app will also have improved the accuracy and availability of real-time location information across both LIRR and Metro-North, with enhanced GPS train tracking, real-time seat availability, and train makeup. 

What to expect

If you currently use MTA eTix and have automatic updates turned on, your app will automatically update to the new TrainTime in mid-August. Your account information will stay the same, and you will be able to use any tickets that you already bought. The ticket types that are currently available in eTix will still be available, as well the payment methods you currently use.  

If you currently use Long Island Rail Road TrainTime or Metro-North Train Time but not eTix, you can download the new TrainTime in mid-August. 

Next steps

A two-week public beta test of the new TrainTime app is now underway.

If you received a link to the beta test, we want to hear from you! Please use the feedback link you received via email to provide comments or suggestions on your TrainTime experience.

We had a lot of interest in the beta test, and will be sending more invites as we can. However, there is limited space in beta, so you may not receive an email invite before the public launch. We look forward to your feedback when the new app launches later this month.