Tap and go with Reduced-Fare OMNY

Welcome Reduced-Fare customers! Now you can tap to pay your fare with OMNY. OMNY is our fare payment system that lets you pay your subway or local bus fare with a smartphone, wearable device, or contactless credit or debit card.

Reduced-Fare OMNY cards will be available next year, but if you're ready to tap and go with your own contactless device or card, we're ready for you. 

Visit the OMNY website and follow the prompts in the Digital Assistant, found in the bottom right corner of the homepage. It walks you through the simple step-by-step process of switching to OMNY. Have your Reduced-Fare MetroCard and your credit or debit card handy.

Note: You can only link and use one form of payment for reduced fare — either the card itself or a device with your linked card enabled in digital wallet. The digital assistant will help you make that choice.

In-person customer service to help you switch is coming soon.

Linking to OMNY will not immediately deactivate your Reduced-Fare MetroCard. You can keep your MetroCard to:

  • Spend down any remaining value before your card expires.
  • Receive reduced fares on Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad. 

Reduced-Fare OMNY cards 

If you want to wait for a Reduced-Fare OMNY card, they will be issued in 2023. They will have similar functionality to today’s MetroCards, along with the ability to reload value online or at retail locations.

Switch from EasyPay to Reduced-Fare OMNY

If you like EasyPay, you’ll love OMNY. You never need to add value to your card — the half-priced cost of your trip will automatically be charged each time you ride, when you use your designated Reduced-Fare OMNY payment method.

If you wait for a Reduced-Fare OMNY card, you will be able to set up automatic reloads on that card with an optional online OMNY account, then close your EasyPay account.

Once you’ve set up your Reduced-Fare OMNY payment method, close your EasyPay account for a refund of the remaining balance. To close your EasyPay account:

  • Email easypay@conduent.com
  • Call the EasyPay Account Service Center at 1-877-323-7433
  • Visit our Customer Service Center at 3 Stone Street.  

How to use Reduced Fare with OMNY

Benefits of OMNY for Reduced-Fare customers

Reduced-Fare OMNY offers the same half-price fare that customers receive today, with free transfers.

You can pay with your smartphone, wearable device, or contactless debit or credit card — there's no need to carry or find an MTA-issued card.

With OMNY you can also:

  • Track your trip history and manage your fare payments with a free, optional OMNY account.
  • Earn free rides with fare capping: Starting on Monday, take 12 OMNY trips with the same device or credit or debit card, and you automatically ride free though Sunday. Learn more about the fare-capping program. 

OMNY is accessible

We’ve incorporated various features at subway stations, on buses, on the website, and with our customer service operation to make OMNY accessible to all customers. OMNY readers have large text and screen colors with visual contrast, as well as audio tones that let you know if a payment has been accepted or declined.  

Stay tuned for more information as we continue the roll out.  

If you believe you qualify for our Reduced-Fare program, but have not yet applied, you can apply to join the Reduced-Fare program at any time.