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Join the MTA and be an essential part of North America’s largest public transportation organization. We’re looking for dynamic individuals with a passion for public service at every stage of their careers, to help us fulfill our commitment to keeping New York moving. At the MTA and its agencies, we rely on a wide range of people and skills – areas such as Engineering, Information Technology, Law, Security, Auto Mechanics, Facilities Maintenance, Train Operations, and Customer Service are just some of the career options available here at the MTA. Whether you want to provide excellent customer service to the public, help keep our trains or buses in top shape and fit for service, build or repair critical infrastructure assets, or analyze data and solve problems, we have a rewarding and meaningful opportunity for you.

Job postings

All agencies at the MTA are equal opportunity employers and fully committed to opening career paths to job seekers from all backgrounds. You can use the job portal to see jobs by agency or by skill set. New positions are posted frequently, so check back often.

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Be a part of the team solving today's most challenging transit problems.

Jobs that require exams

Some positions at MTA New York City Transit, MaBSTOA, MTA Bus Company, and MTA Bridges & Tunnels require applicants to sit for an examination. Find out more about upcoming exams.

Applying to become an MTA Police Officer requires an exam, as well as a number of other steps. Find out more about becoming a police officer

Skilled trade positions

We’re always hiring for skilled trade positions – people who are the core of what keeps our system moving. This is a chance to get unparalleled experience – working at the MTA will be a part of your career you won’t forget and one that will prepare you to work anywhere.

See current skilled trade jobs.

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What does a conductor do?

Aboard almost every train is a conductor. Find out more about what they do.


No matter what field you are interested in, the MTA is a great place to start your career. Get real-world experience while serving your community. Internships for MTA agencies are listed on the MTA Careers site.


At the MTA, you get more than just a paycheck. We’re committed to helping you live well physically and emotionally, now and in the future.

Culture and diversity

Although the MTA service area spans 5,000 miles, the MTA family is knit together by a rich culture driven by our core values:

  • Safety – the well-being of our employees and customers is paramount
  • Respect – we treat all people with fairness and dignity
  • Accountability – we do what we say and take responsibility for our actions
  • Innovation – we think ahead to stay at the forefront of our industry
  • Integrity – we are honest and communicate with transparency

We’re proud of how far we’ve come and look forward to delivering safe, efficient, and reliable service to our customers for decades to come.

We’re also committed to maintaining an environment where everyone can contribute and reach their potential. We appreciate people for who they are, how they think, and what they bring to our collective efforts. We want to attract and develop people who bring different backgrounds, styles, perspectives, values and beliefs to our organization, and firmly believe that incorporating a range of perspectives improves our outcomes.

Important note regarding the COVID-19 vaccine: As of March 13, 2023, the MTA has suspended the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for all new hires, except those hired into direct health services-related roles.  Further information will be posted on this page to provide instruction to candidates who were on an active hiring list during the MTA mandated COVID-19 vaccination period and could not be considered for employment at that time because they were not vaccinated.