Where to buy a MetroCard

You can buy MetroCards by using a MetroCard vending machine, which are in most subway stations.

MetroCards are also available at selected local merchants, at our mobile service vehicles, and through employers with pre-tax transit benefits programs.

Reduced-Fare MetroCards are mailed to you after you’ve applied and been approved for the program. Learn more about how to apply for a Reduced-Fare MetroCard.

Buying or refilling a MetroCard

At a MetroCard vending machine in a subway station

These machines are in most subway stations. They accept cash and credit/debit cards. (Some smaller machines only accept credit or debit cards.)

You can buy:

  • a Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard. The minimum value is $5.80.
  • a 7-Day or 30-Day Unlimited MetroCard
  • a 7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard

Note: A SingleRide ticket costs $3.25 and is available for cash only at the large vending machines. It is good for a subway or bus trip only within two hours of purchase. It gives you a free bus-to-bus transfer, but no transfer between subway and bus.

More about MetroCard vending machines

  • A $1 fee applies to each new MetroCard purchase. The fee does not apply to card refills or Reduced-Fare MetroCards.
  • Large machines accept cash. They can only return up to $6 in change. The change given includes dollar coins, not bills.
  • If there's a problem during your purchase, the machine will automatically dispense a receipt. Keep it for proof of your transaction. It lists the machine number and the date.
  • Reduced-fare MetroCard customers can add money or unlimited rides to their cards at MetroCard ticket machines.
  • These machines meet all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. An audio feature is available for people with partial or total vision loss; headsets are necessary for use. The machines can be used by those who read Braille.
  • When you use a credit card at a ticket machine, it will ask you to enter your ZIP code for verification. Note: If your credit card has a billing address outside the U.S., type in “99999” when prompted for a ZIP code.
Through your employer

Federal law allows a pre-tax transit benefit of up to $300 per month.

Employers: Obtain information regarding NYC’s 2019 Commuter Benefits Law

See details about pre-tax transit benefits.

At mobile sales buses and vans

Each month, our Mobile Sales Service Centers travel around the five boroughs, making regularly scheduled stops at senior citizen centers, shopping centers, and along major bus routes. They are staffed with customer services representatives who are happy to answer questions and help with any MetroCard issues you might have. 

Note: Sales buses and vans are not making credit card transactions. You can still buy a MetroCard using cash or transfer value from a Reduced-Fare MetroCard.

Learn more and see the schedule.

At a local retailer

Some local merchants sell MetroCards. Download a list of MetroCard merchant retailers for:

Ordering in bulk

You can order Unlimited and Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards, along with AirTrain JFK cards, in bulk on our bulk sales website. The minimum order is 50. Available options and pricing can be found on the website. Right now, payment is limited to credit cards.