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Queens Bus Network Redesign

This project is part of our larger effort to modernize New York City’s bus network and improve bus service borough by borough. We are taking a fresh look at the bus network, with the goal of meeting customers’ priorities: more reliable service, faster travel, better connections, and ease of use.
Updated Mar 4, 2024
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    Bus Network Redesign
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  • April 2019: Queens Bus Network Redesign initiative launched
  • August 2019: Queens Existing Conditions Report published
  • December 2019: Original Queens Draft Plan published
  • August 2021: Bus Network Redesign initiative restarted after COVID-related pause
  • December 2021: Original Queens Draft Plan withdrawn from consideration
  • March 2022: Queens New Draft Plan published
  • Spring-Fall 2022: Queens New Draft Plan outreach
  • Winter-Fall 2023: Review New Draft Plan feedback to develop Proposed Final Plan
  • December 2023: Queens Proposed Final Plan released
  • Fall 2023-Spring 2024: Queens Proposed Final Plan outreach

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About the project

The Queens Bus Network Redesign is an innovative and comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing the bus commuting experience for Queens residents. This plan signifies our commitment to making bus travel more efficient, accessible, and responsive to our riders' needs.

Since August 2022 we have been meticulously reviewing and analyzing the valuable feedback that our dedicated customers offered in response to the New Draft Plan, which was unveiled on March 29, 2022. The draft generated robust engagement, with comments submitted covering aspects of bus service like routing proposals, bus stop locations, and overall operations.

Our Proposed Final Plan takes all these insights into consideration, striving to address as many customer concerns as we can while upholding the well-received proposals from the New Draft Plan. In this plan we have also proposed further adjustments to enhance operational efficiency based on feedback from the public and Bus Operators.

Our approach to this redesign centers on optimizing existing network resources while remaining attentive to riders’ needs. By focusing on strategic improvements, we aim to create a seamless, convenient, and reliable bus network that truly works for the people of Queens.

At the conclusion of New Draft Plan outreach, Operations Planning worked to review and synthesize feedback that riders shared in response to the proposals in the New Draft Plan. During our outreach, we held over 40 events and received a total of 3,875 comments. These comments centered around routing proposals, bus stop locations, and overall operations.

In the Proposed Final Plan, we worked to address these customer concerns while carrying forward the principles of our Bus Network Redesigns and the proposals from the New Draft Plan that were well-received. We also strengthened the proposals to improve operational efficiencies. To achieve this, we focused on redesign strategies to improve the existing bus network.

Project benefits

  • Improved connections and a simplified network that will decrease travel times and make trips simpler for riders
  • Improved intraborough and interborough connections
  • Increased frequencies to create a better all-day frequent network to meet customer needs 
  • Balanced stop spacing, to help speed up buses and improve reliability 
  • Bus Priority Projects on targeted corridors will maximize travel time savings and improve the quality of service

Map of the Proposed Local Bus Network from the Queens Bus Network Redesign Proposed Final Plan, showing Local, Limited, Rush, and SBS/Crosstown routes

Next steps

Following the publication of the Proposed Final Plan on December 12, 2023, the MTA will host and attend public engagements throughout the borough of Queens. We will first conduct stakeholder briefings. Next, we will request to present to all Queens Community Boards. In the new year, we will host five Open Houses and other pop-up opportunities which will be announced on this webpage and promoted throughout the MTA system. These input sessions will be used to collect feedback to inform changes to the Proposed Final Plan ahead of an MTA Board vote. The process is laid out more fully in the report.

Explore the proposed bus network

Check out your proposed commute in the Future Trip Planner!

The routes shown in the Proposed Final Plan have been uploaded to the Future Trip Planner so people can get a sense of the routes they would be interested in and their average travel times. 

The new routes will be available for preview via a trip planning tool that allows customers to input a start and end location and see an overview of their trip with the bus route changes in effect. After entering their trip information, customers are able to drag the start and end flags across the map and watch their options and routes shift in real time.

Enter your start and end locations to see which routes you might use!

Interactive network map

We need your feedback! Use this interactive Remix map to view our proposed bus routes and stops in detail. Please provide comments using the "Post Comment" button on the top right of the page. Then click on the route that you would like to comment on. To learn more about how to use the Remix maps and provide comments, please watch this short video.

System maps

Where we left off

In December 2019, we released the original Queens Bus Network Redesign Draft Plan. It focused on providing more reliable service, faster travel, better connections, and improving ease of use. For the next three months, we held dozens of outreach events throughout Queens and received over 11,000 comments. 

However, in March 2020, we paused work on the Bus Network Redesigns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project remained on pause for approximately 18 months. 

In August 2021, we announced we would restart the Bus Network Redesigns with the Bronx local bus project resuming first and then the Queens project. 

The Queens Original Draft Plan was officially withdrawn from consideration in December 2021, and on March 29, 2022, the Queens New Draft Plan was released. Following the release of the New Draft Plan, the MTA hosted over 40 public engagements including virtual workshops and briefings, outdoor open houses, pop-up events in partnership with MetroCard Mobile sales, as well as direct on-street outreach to customers to gather feedback on the New Draft Plan. The input we received was used to inform and shape the Proposed Final Plan.