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Existing Conditions Report for the Bronx Bus Network

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Bronx Bus Network Existing Conditions Report

This Existing Conditions Report is the first step in the bus network redesign process. The goal of an Existing Conditions Report is to examine the current bus network and determine how effectively and efficiently it serves its customers.

As part of this Report, we identified market and service trends to inform decision-making, while looking at the borough with a fresh perspective to draw a new, 21st-century bus network. This Report is a joint effort by New York City Transit (NYCT) and MTA Bus Company.

Redesigning the Bronx Bus Network

Since 2010, the Bronx has experienced a 6.2% increase in population, making it the fastest growing borough in the City. Rapid development has led to a current average weekday ridership of over 675,000 customers on the Bronx’s 57 bus routes. As congestion has increased, bus speeds have slowed to an average of 6.58 miles per hour, the second slowest in New York City. This network redesign will simplify the current network to improve bus travel within and outside the borough.