Bus Network Redesign

Why and how we will redesign

Our bus route network hasn’t changed in decades while the communities it serves have changed dramatically.

  • Redesign the bus route network based on customer needs. We'll consult with our customers and analyze travel patterns. The redesigns will include redrawing routes, considering new types of service and rewriting schedules.
  • Make targeted corridor improvements. We will work with the NYC Department of Transportation to identify twelve priority routes. On those routes, we will prioritize bus service and speed up travel.
  • Strategically expand off-peak service. Our goal is a core network of high-frequency service during off-peak hours (e.g. from 10am to 3pm, 7pm to 10pm). We will work with local communities and the NYC Department of Transportation to remove under-utilized stops and merge closely-spaced bus stops. This will speed up travel time for buses.
  • Work with the NYC Department of Transportation to install modern bus shelters. These shelters will include real-time information. They will be fully accessible for customers with disabilities.

Fast Forward

Reimagining our bus network means customer-focused routes, faster and more reliable travel times and more comfortable and environmentally sustainable buses. When seamlessly integrated with subways and Paratransit, our buses are the key to a fast, responsive system that serves every corner of the 5 boroughs. Read more about Fast Forward, the plan to modernize New York City Transit.