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Bronx Bus Network Redesign: Draft Plan

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The Draft Plan is a first look at how we can improve the bus service we provide in the Bronx to benefit the greatest number of customers. Nearly 60 percent of Bronx residents rely on public transit for their daily commutes and at least 16 percent commute primarily by bus. The Bronx Bus Network has not substantially changed in decades and needs to evolve to meet the changing needs of our bus customers. We have made minor changes to the bus network, but have not kept pace with the major growth the Bronx is experiencing and will continue to see moving forward. Our customers have asked us to take a fresh look at bus service in the Bronx to provide them with shorter travel times, shorter wait times, and accurate, real-time information on when the next bus will arrive.

The Bronx Bus Network has an extensive grid-based network; most routes are frequent and direct in the peak periods, with a small number of routes providing coverage service in lower-density areas. With a grid network already in place, the Bronx Bus Network Redesign identifies neighborhood route improvements and individual route improvements that will provide more direct service, right-sized bus stop spacing, improved crosstown connections, improved bus speeds, and improved service reliability for customers.