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Queens Bus Network Redesign

We’re working with you, our riders, to reinvent the Queens bus network so bus service is faster, more reliable, and better integrated with the rest of the transit system.

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Bus Network Redesign program will resume

The Bus Network Redesign program will restart this fall, beginning with the resumption of the Bronx local bus redesign that we are working toward implementing next summer.

Stay tuned: Queens Bus Network Redesign will restart soon

In December 2019, we released the Draft Plan, which presented a reimagined bus network for Queens, focusing on reliable service, faster travel, better connections, and ease of use. Following the release, we conducted extensive outreach events all over Queens and collected an enormous amount of feedback. Since the pandemic, the project has been on pause, but we are gearing up to restart soon. Stay tuned for an updated plan with changes based on your feedback. We will announce a new project timeline soon!