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What to do if you get a ticket on the subway or bus

You have options, including paying the fine or disputing the charge. You must respond to the summons in some way within 30 days.

About the ticket

A ticket is called a notice of violation and is a written legal notice issued by an officer. They issue tickets when they think someone has violated our rules of conduct.

The notice includes:

  • What rules you’re charged with violating

  • The nature of the alleged prohibited conduct

  • The amount of the fine

  • A hearing date

Tickets are civil, not criminal. However, you may have a lien placed upon you if you don’t pay the fine or have the charge dismissed.

You must respond to a ticket.

You can:

  • Pay the fine, or
  • Dispute the charges at a hearing, in person or by mail

If you don’t respond to the notice, you'll be responsible for paying the fine and any penalties or interest.

If someone under age 18 gets a ticket, a parent or guardian is responsible for the fine. Minors should also bring a parent or guardian with them for a hearing.

If you decide to request a hearing, we strongly suggest you do so by mail.

Language services

Language interpreter services are available at no cost. Interpreters provide over-the-phone translation in more than 170 languages. 

American Sign Language interpreters are also available. 


General inquires or to check the status of a notice:

Call our Inquiry Unit at 347-643-5805.

For questions about paying a fine:

Call our Collection Unit at 347-643-5817.