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Transit Adjudication Bureau

We process summonses issued to people who have allegedly violated one or more of the rules governing conduct in the New York City Transit system.
For general inquiries regarding a violation, contact the Transit Adjudication Bureau Inquiry Unit.

What we do

We handle violations issued by NYC Police Officers and/or NYC Transit Inspectors who enforce our rules of conduct. Violations include things like fare evasion, smoking, or interfering with the movement of a transit vehicle.


Office closed due to COVID-19

You can still make payments online, by phone, or by mail.

More information coming soon

This is a page in progress. For full information, see this page.

For questions about fines

Call the Collection Unit: 347-643-5817

You can send inquiries in writing to:

Transit Adjudication Bureau
P.O. Box 29133
Brooklyn, NY 11202-9133

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