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How to have a Transit Adjudication Bureau hearing

Updated Apr 19, 2022
Here’s an overview of what happens during a Transit Adjudication Bureau hearing.

What is a hearing?

A hearing is a proceeding that lets you challenge a notice of violation before an impartial Hearing Officer. You may have a hearing by mail or in person on or before the hearing date indicated on your NOV.

If you do not want a hearing, you can pay the fine listed on your notice of violation. Here's how to pay a fine.

Hearings by mail

Fill out this form and mail it to us. A hearing officer will review the document and any evidence you submit. We’ll mail you the decision in your case.

Send the form to:

Transit Adjudication Bureau
P.O. Box 29133
Brooklyn, NY 11202-9133

In-person hearings

Come to the Transit Adjudication Bureau in person on or before the hearing date on your notice.

  • Arrive between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on any business day.
  • Hearings are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You can change your hearing date by calling us at 347-643-5805.
  • Due to the pandemic, our capacity to conduct in-person hearings and our waiting room seating is limited. Call 347-643-5805 to schedule an appointment for your hearing or any other service.
  • There are special COVID protocols in place for visitors to the TAB office. Please see those here.

What you should bring to a hearing

  • Your ticket/notice of violation
  • Photo ID
  • A parent or legal guardian, if the person who got the ticket is under age 18
  • All evidence you want to present to support your defense, such as a MetroCard
  • You can also bring an attorney

If you were unable to pay a Select Bus Service fare at the curbside kiosk before you got on the bus, fill out an SBS Outage form and bring it with you. (You can submit it in the mail for mail hearings.)

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Before the hearing

  • If at any point you need an interpreter, let us know.
  • You’ll get a number from the information window when you arrive at the Transit Adjudication Bureau.
  • When you’re called, show your notice of violation and ID. The clerk will ask you to sign a notice of appearance as proof that you came in.
  • Your number will be called when a Hearing Officer is ready for you. You will be directed to a hearing room. 

During the hearing

  • If your case had been adjourned for the appearance of the officer or inspector who gave you the notice of violation, they will be there as well.
  • The Hearing Officer will read you the charges and tell you about the process. If the officer or inspector is there, they’ll testify why you were issued the notice of violation.
  • You can explain your defense and present your evidence. If an officer or inspector is there, you can ask them questions.
  • The Hearing Officer will conclude the hearing. You’ll return to the waiting area until your decision is ready.

After the hearing

  • The clerk will call your number and give you a copy of the decision. You will sign to acknowledge the decision.
  • If you need to pay a fine, you can do so at the payment window with cash, a credit card, money order, or check.

Full guidelines for proceedings

The full guidelines for how hearings work are laid out in this document.