Protecting Coney Island Yard From a Changing Climate

The Coney Island Yard complex is one of the largest rapid transit yards in North America, directly serving four main lines of track. It includes three train yards that can store up to 881 subway cars at one time. The complex is also home to car wash, maintenance, and repair facilities, as well as substations, signal towers, and power and communications cables that support operations.

But the yard is near the Coney Island Creek.

During Superstorm Sandy, the storm surge caused the creek to flood and inundated the yard complex with over 27 million gallons of saltwater and debris. The water and debris damaged the track and the cables that power trains.

We pumped out the water, made repairs, and got trains running again after the storm. Now we need to protect the yard and all that it holds against severe weather, so that we can keep you moving.

  • We're preventing flooding by installing a floodwall around the yard and improving the drainage systems that rid the yard of flood water.
  • We're preventing damage from the debris that accompanies flooding by installing debris shields on the bridges that cross the Coney Island Creek.
  • We're also protecting the infrastructure within the yard:
    • Hardening the Traction Power Motor Shop
    • Constructing a cable bridge over all three yards to elevate communications and power cables. This will also help during heavy rain, as the high water table in the area can also lead to flooding.