Keeping Buses Moving on 14 St and the Lower East Side

If you ride an M14 bus, you’ve likely experienced a longer than expected wait at your stop, a longer than expected trip once you’re on your bus, buses that arrive in bunches and off-schedule, or some combination of the three. During the busiest travel times, M14 A/D buses spend about 60% of their trips stopped at bus stops or stopped in traffic. We’ve got a plan to fix this and keep buses moving-- we’re partnering with the New York City Department of Transportation to launch Select Bus Service on the M14 A/D.

Select Bus Service (SBS) is a package of improvements designed to target and correct the situations that slow buses down and make service unreliable. Citywide, customers tell us they are more satisfied with their SBS bus than their local or LTD (limited) bus. We’re committed to bringing these improvements to the M14 A/D and the 27,000 customers who use these buses by June 2019.

For a detailed look at what we’re proposing, join us at one of our meetings or download our latest presentation.

What Makes Select Bus Service Work

Select Bus Service combines different improvements developed to keep these buses moving and give you more reliable service:

  • Off-board fare payment and all-door boarding means customers can board the bus faster, and buses spend less time at the stop.
  • Better bus stop spacing means buses spend less time leaving and re-entering traffic, keeping them moving along the route.
  • Dedicated bus lanes, enforced by cameras, mean fewer cars blocking lanes, keeping buses moving.
  • Traffic signal timing adjustments optimize the flow of bus service and reduce the amount of time buses spend waiting at red lights.

SBS also gives us the opportunity to improve your experience with:

  • Bus boarding curb extensions to increase the accessibility of bus service
  • New leaning bars
  • Real-time bus arrival information at stops

SBS on the M14A/D

Our plan to bring SBS to the M14A/D keeps customers within an additional two blocks of their current stop. Here's a look at the proposed route.

A map depicting the proposed Select Bus Service routes for the M14 A and M14 D

Past SBS Success

Since 2008, we’ve introduced 18 SBS routes across the five boroughs. We found that:

  • SBS customers are 10 to 15% more satisfied than local or limited bus customers.
  • SBS improves travel time by 10 to 30%.
  • City-wide, SBS routes are 27% faster than other local or limited-stop bus routes.

A chart displaying overall customer satisfaction with Select Bus Service vs Local and Limited Bus Service

Share Your Thoughts

We’re hosting open meetings in the communities served by the M14A and M14D to gather input, ideas, and feedback on our proposal to bring Select Bus Service to the M14 routes. See the schedule for information, and when and where you can come share your thoughts with us.

You can also submit a comment about the Select Bus Service proposal here.