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M14 SBS Service Changes

Updated Mar 5, 2020
We’re continuing to improve bus speeds and your experience taking the M14 A/D SBS. Here’s your guide to service changes along the route.

New bus boarding platform installation

Tuesday, February 25, through approximately, Friday, February 28, M14 A/D SBS buses will bypass the eastbound 8 Av stop. 

Updated 2/25/20

What’s the work? With our partners at NYC DOT, we’re installing new bus-boarding platforms as part of the 14 St Transit & Truck Priority Pilot. NYC DOT has successfully installed the platforms at other locations throughout the city to make it easier for customers to get on and off buses, give more room for pedestrians on the sidewalk, and help buses move faster as there’s no need to pull over to the curb saving up to a minute per stop. 

Bus boarding platform

What’s happening to service? While we work, M14 A/D buses will bypass stops for no more than 6 days. We’re installing the platforms in phases so you’ll continue to have service at your next closest stop—we won’t work at two stops in a row. As soon as we’re done working at one stop, we’ll move on to the next stop in our plan and buses will resume service. Here’s our schedule: 

•    Westbound Seventh Avenue stop, Phase 1: COMPLETED November 19
•    Westbound Fifth Avenue stop, Phase 2: COMPLETED November 21
•    Westbound Irving Place stop, Phase 3: COMPLETED November 26
•    Westbound Eighth Avenue stop, Phase 4: COMPLETED November 27
•    Eastbound University Place stop, Phase 5: COMPLETED December 6
•    Eastbound Eighth Avenue stop, Phase 7: COMPLETED December 8
•    Westbound Sixth Avenue stop, Phase 6: COMPLETED December 13

What should customers do? Use the next closest M14 A/D stop. We’ll be posting signs at impacted stops and you’ll be able to see the map if you’re not sure where to go. If you have questions about bus service, call 511 or tweet us @nyctbus

M14 SBS bus stop bus boarder installation map