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Central Business District Tolling Program

In June 2024, New York City will implement the nation's first congestion pricing program.

About the program

Starting in June 2024, vehicles entering the Congestion Relief Zone in Manhattan—local streets and avenues at or below 60 Street—will be charged a toll. The toll will result in 100,000 fewer vehicles entering the zone every day, relieving crowding in what is today the most congested district in the United States.

On March 27, 2024, the MTA Board voted to approve the toll rates recommended by the Traffic Mobility Review Board. Certain drivers entering the Congestion Relief Zone will be eligible for discounts or exemptions. Check back soon for more information on those discounts and exemptions, including details on how to apply.

Research and expert recommendations

The Federal Highway Administration declared that Congestion Pricing would have no significant environmental impact, and the Traffic Mobility Review Board prepared a balanced proposal for tolls, discounts, and exemptions.

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