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Getting to Forest Hills Stadium on public transit

Heading to Queens for a concert? Find out how to get to Forest Hills Stadium on public transit, and other helpful tips for traveling to the venue.

About the venue

Forest Hills Stadium is located at the intersection of Burns St and 69 Av in Forest Hills, Queens. It opened in 1923 as the home of the U.S Open tennis tournament and is now a historic outdoor music venue.  

See a map of the area around Forest Hills Stadium.

Forest Hills Stadium is accessible via the New York City subway and bus, as well as the Long Island Rail Road. The Forest Hills Stadium website has more information about the venue. There is no parking available. 

Getting there

Option 1: Take the subway

The  trains stop at Forest Hills-71 Av, three blocks away from the stadium. Once you exit your train, follow the signs in the station to Forest Hills Stadium. You will want to exit at the 71 Av and Queens Blvd SW corner exit.

Fare: $2.90 for most riders 

This station is accessible.

Option 2: Take the Long Island Rail Road or Metro-North Railroad. 

The LIRR’s Forest Hills station is located near the stadium. You must be in one of the the first six cars to exit there. If you are not sure what car you are in, ask a train crewmember.

On Metro-North, connect to the LIRR at Grand Central. Use the TrainTime app to buy your ticket from a Metro-North station to Forest Hills.

Take your ticket with you as you leave the train, it will be checked at the station before you can exit. Once you do so, follow the signs to the stadium along Burns St.

Many trains will make an added Forest Hills stop before and after concerts. At the end of the event, if you're traveling to a point east of Jamaica, take the next train to Jamaica and change there for service to your destination. 

Fare: Plan a trip to see your exact fare.

Forest Hills is an accessible station.

Option 3: Take the bus. 

The Q23 stops directly outside Forest Hills Stadium, and stops for the Q60, Q64, and QM4 are nearby. For more details on these routes, see our Queens bus schedules, or the Queens bus map

Fare: $2.90-$7.00 for most riders 

All MTA buses are accessible. 

Travel tips

  • Check service status before you go. Schedules are subject to change. Be sure to check our homepage or the MTA app for the status of your line or route before heading out. 
  • Consider contactless. OMNY, our contactless payment system, is available in all subway stations and aboard all buses. Learn more about how OMNY works.
  • Buy your rail tickets ahead of time. If you're traveling on the LIRR, use the TrainTime app to save time and money.
  • Traveling within New York City? Get a CityTicketThis ticket costs $5 during off-peak hours, including weekends, and $7 during peak hours and can be used for travel between LIRR or Metro-North stations within New York City. (You can’t transfer between trains going in opposite directions, or between LIRR and Metro-North trains, on one ticket.)