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How to get to LaGuardia Airport on public transit

Here's a breakdown of your options for getting to the airport via public transportation.

If you’re coming from...

  • Uptown Manhattan: Take the M60 bus all the way.
  • Midtown Manhattan: You have a few options: You can take the subway or the Long Island Rail Road to Queens, then the free LaGuardia Link Q70 bus. The subway fare is $2.90, but it may take a bit longer; LIRR fares vary, but may be a shorter trip. 


  • Allow plenty of time. Depending on your route and what traffic is like, your trip could take up to an hour or more.
  • Pay Select Bus Service fare before you board. Use a sidewalk kiosk near the bus stop to get a receipt as proof of payment. Pay using OMNY, a MetroCard, or with exact change in coins.
  • LaGuardia Link Q70 bus service is free. 
  • Transfers from the subway to the bus are free for two hours. You still have to get a receipt from a kiosk for Select Bus Service, but you won't be charged.
  • Keep bus aisles and seats clear. Stow your bags on luggage racks if you can.
A bus labeled "M60" drives down a city street, with people visible on the sidewalk nearby and sunlight coming from the left side of the frame.

Option 1: Take the M60 Select Bus from uptown Manhattan

Fare: $2.90 for most riders.

1. Catch the M60-SBS in uptown Manhattan.

Many M60 stops are near subway stations. Convenient places to catch the bus are:

  • 106th Street and Broadway
  • 116th Street and Broadway
  • 120th Street and Broadway
  • Along 125th Street (multiple stops)

2. Stay on the M60 bus until you get to LaGuardia.

The M60 stops at every airport terminal.

Remember to pay the Select Bus fare before you board.

Fare: $2.90 for most riders.

1. Take the E, F, M, R to Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue, or the 7 to 74 St-Broadway.

Follow signs for the Q70 bus. (You can also look for the yellow airplane icon.)

Exit the turnstiles and walk straight through the doors to the bus lanes. You can board an airport-bound Q70 bus there. 

2. Take the Q70 toward LaGuardia airport.

The Q70 stops at airport terminals C and B. For service to Terminal A, take the airport shuttle bus from Terminal B. 

LaGuardia Link Q70 bus service is free. 

People with luggage wait in line to board a blue Q70 bus with a "LaGuardia Link" decal on the front.

Fare: $5 (off-peak hours) or $7 (peak hours) for most riders with CityTicket.

1. Board a Long Island Rail Road train to Woodside.

All LIRR trains from Penn Station and Grand Central go through Woodside, but not all trains stop there. Check LIRR timetables or the TrainTime app to find your train.

LIRR tickets are separate from bus fare. The easiest way to buy them is from a ticket machine at Penn Station or on your phone, with the TrainTime app.

2. Transfer at Woodside to the Q70 bus.

Leave the LIRR station and find the the Q70 bus stop on Roosevelt Avenue.

The Q70 stops at airport terminals C and B. For service to Terminal A, take the airport shuttle bus from Terminal B. 

Details about fares

Fare for the LaGuardia Link Q70 bus free.

The exact fare for LIRR depends on whether you're traveling during peak hours and if you're eligible for a reduced fare.

You can buy a CityTicket from Penn Station or Grand Central to Woodside for $5 during off-peak hours and $7 during peak hours.