MetroCard Mobile Sales Bus & Vans

While you can buy or refill at MetroCard® at any station, other issues pop up. You can always submit a question or issue online, but some things require personal interaction. In addition, many people don't live near a MetroCard station.

Each month, our Mobile Sales Service Centers travel around the five boroughs, making regularly scheduled stops at senior citizen centers, shopping centers, and along major bus routes. They are staffed with customer services representatives who are happy to answer questions and help with any issues you might have.

A white van with MTA branding has windows open along the side. Two people are leaning into the windows and conducting business.


Bus and Van Schedule

Our Mobile Sales Service Centers follow a regular monthly schedule that takes them all over the five boroughs. Except for a few holidays, they are on the road Monday through Friday all year long. There is no difference between the services offered at the bus or the van.

A large bus parked along a street in Manhattan. The bus is branded with blue and gold MTA colors.


Services Offered at the Mobile Sales Service Centers

These Service Centers are staffed to help answer MetroCard issues including:

  • Reduced-fare application assistance.
  • Purchase and refill of MetroCards (Full fare and Reduced-Fare).
  • Submission of damaged Reduced-Fare MetroCards in exchange for a temporary replacement.
  • Report of a Lost/Stolen Reduced-Fare MetroCard.
  • Any other MetroCard-related inquiries or support.
  • Credit or Debit cards accepted for pre-valued MetroCard or E-ZPass “On-the-Go” purchases.