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MTA app beta release 2

Here's what's new in the app and a quick review of some feedback we've been getting.
Updated September 6, 2023 2:55 p.m.

While the final few weeks of summer are usually slow, the MTA app team has been cranking on feedback, design, and development. As of this week, we have 7,121 beta testers across all platforms. Those testers have submitted almost 1,000 pieces of feedback. Most feedback has been positive, but we've received constructive criticism in a few areas. 

Today's beta release

If you didn't see already, we had our second release of the MTA app beta this morning. You should get the update automatically, but you can also check TestFlight for iOS and use this link to manually trigger a download for Android.

Updates included in today's release:

  • You can now favorite elevators and escalators from the station pages and have them appear on the status screen for easy checking
  • Express Bus stops appear on the map as clickable stops
  • We've tweaked how we display service alerts if there are more than one per line or station
  • Trip plan results now include AirTrain JFK
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

We've spent a lot of time reviewing the roadmap and have put together a realistic timeline for the beta. Overall, feedback has been very positive and most of our MVP features were finished for the beta. So, we think it makes sense to move quickly to public release in order to get the app into as many hands as possible, generating more feedback to keep improving!

We're still finalizing the roadmap internally, but we'll update you here when it is.

Download the app

Many folks have signed up for the beta but haven't yet downloaded the app. If you aren't sure how or are having issues, check out our instructions here.