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Mileposts August 2021

Updated Sep 20, 2021
A Newsletter for MTA Metro-North Railroad Customers
Mileposts A Newsletter for MTA Metro-North Railroad Customers

Safety Rule of the Issue

Hike SafetyHikers, walkers, fishers: Please take care. 

Courtesy Corner

Be ADA-mant About Accessibility – it’s the Right Thing to Do! 

All of our Metro-North train cars including our bombardier, M3, M7 and M8 cars are equipped for ADA-accessibility and offer accommodations like designated wheelchair areas and fold-up seating to give our customers with disabilities the smoothest and safest possible ride.

If you need this space, we hope you find the accommodations that suit your needs. Other customers, please be mindful when riding with us to allow these designated seats and areas to be used by those who truly need them.

It’s the courteous thing and the right thing to do!