Digital Art

Anne Spalter's digital artwork showing a kaleidoscopic abstraction of the New York City skyline on a large LED screen as four people pass in front of the screen into Fulton Center.
"New York Dreaming" by Anne Spalter at Fulton Center. Photo: Anne Spalter


Digital art viewed from a multitude of display screens creates an immersive experience that engages transit customers with an impactful visual moment. MTA’s digital media network offers new opportunities to present art in digital form and introduce new media artists to public space and the MTA ridership.

In November 2014, Arts & Design launched the Digital Art program in the digitally integrated Fulton Transit Center, which connects to nine subway lines and the World Trade Center PATH station. The digital display network in Fulton Center has 52 screens on various levels, illuminating and transforming the Center into a welcoming contemporary environment. These range from 55-inch LCD screens that line the passageway on the mezzanine concourse level, to the massive LED walls measuring 31.5 feet by 18.9 feet at street level. Presented by MTA Arts & Design with technical support from Westfield Properties and ANC Sports, the 52-channel digital artwork can be seen for two minutes at the top of each hour simultaneously in the Fulton Center complex.

In December 2022, Arts & Design is excited to expand this award-winning program in the large-scale LED walls at the new Grand Central Madison terminal. Situated at the north end of the Madison Concourse, the 5-channel LED screens, each measuring 17’ wide and over 7’ high, will engage passersby with an immersive and interactive experience.