Grand Central Madison

Diaphanous Pareidolia

Eirini Linardaki

"Diaphanous Pareidolia" (2024) by Eirini Linardaki at Grand Central Madison.

About the project

Artist Eirini Linardaki depicts the energetic vitality of New York City and its verdant surroundings in "Diaphanous Pareidolia," her newly commissioned five-screen digital artwork for MTA Arts & Design. The artist’s self-described “digital animation journey” uses scanned images of multi-patterned and multi-colored textiles sourced from around the globe to reflect the “multicultural tapestry” of the city, constructing vibrant and imaginative worlds through which subway and rail lines traverse. The central screen depicts Grand Central terminal from its construction to its status as a bustling underground transit hub. On either side of this central image are depictions of Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road trains ferrying passengers to and from the city, from the panoramic views of the East River and the dynamic landscape of Long Island City to the serene beauty of upstate New York. As the collages come to life, viewers embark on a visual pilgrimage and bear witness to the convergence of each destination's transformative landscapes.

The work is presented by MTA Arts & Design with technical support from ANC Sports.

Collage artwork of a train crossing a bridge.
"Diaphanous Pareidolia" (2024) © Eirini Linardaki, LIRR Grand Central Madison.
Collaged artwork of a station platform with people.
"Diaphanous Pareidolia" (2024) © Eirini Linardaki, LIRR Grand Central Madison.

About the artist

Eirini Linardaki (b. Athens, Greece) is an artist and public art project developer based in New York and the island of Crete. She received her fine arts education at L.I.T. Limerick, Ireland, the Universität Der Kunst of Berlin, and the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts of Marseille, France. Linardaki has developed numerous public art projects in the US, collaborating with various organizations such as the NYC Parks Department, the NYC Mayor’s office for Climate Policy, and the Department of Transportation. As part of her community-based art practice, Linardaki has been an active member of the Newark Artist Collaboration, an initiative to transform Newark, NJ, through public art. She mainly develops community-based projects, particularly through workshops on accessibility and inclusion through art in several other countries like with Handicap International in Liberia and France, where she lived for more than 20 years. Linardaki's activist work was recognized with the 2022 Artivist Award from Sing For Hope. She is the mother of two children.