Staten Island West Shore Alternatives Analysis

The Purpose of the Staten Island West Shore Alternatives Analysis (AA) is to examine the area’s transportation needs. At the end of the analysis, we will produce a report outlining the best options for future transit projects in the area. Our goal is to run a transparent and inclusive process. We want residents, commuters, and local officials to take part. Over the course of the study, we will identify and analyze all reasonable ideas which would improve transit options for people traveling to and from the West Shore of Staten Island.

Public Open House - September 25, 2019

The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the public to our project and to give customers who live, work, and travel to and from the West Shore of Staten Island the opportunity to comment on our long list of transit alternatives.

  • View our open house presentation here.
  • Submit a comment: We want to hear from you!  Please comment on our long list to ensure that we are not overlooking travel patterns or transit alternatives that matter most to you!

Next Steps

The Alternatives Analysis builds on several previous study efforts. We have already begun briefing stakeholders and elected officials about the purpose of the study. We plan to launch a survey effort to help us learn about travel preferences on the West Shore. At the same time, we will compile background information from previous studies. We will use the survey and research to develop a study Purpose and Need Report as well as Public Involvement Plan. Key public events in the initial 3-months include:

Mid-April 2019

  • Public pop-up events to kick-off the AA and launch survey efforts April-May 2019
  • Start on-board Bus Intercept Surveys and web-based surveys


Over the past 15 years, Staten Island has grown. Because of that, advocates and local leaders have campaigned for more reliable mass transit. This Alternatives Analysis Study expands on previous efforts including:

  • MTA NYCT’s North Shore Alternatives Analysis Study and Staten Island Bus Study;
  • NYC Department of City Planning’s and NYC Econonomic Development Corporation’s Working West Shore 2030; and
  • The Staten Island Economic Development Corporations’ West Shore Light Rail Phase II Study.

Study Area

The Study Area for the Staten Island West Shore is roughly bounded by:

  • I-278 to the north,
  • the Arthur Kill waterway to the west,
  • Tottenville (south of Amboy Road, west of Page Avenue) to the south, and
  • a line roughly ½ mile south/east of the Korean War Veterans Parkway and Richmond Avenue north of Arthur Kill Road.

The Study Area includes SIR stations from Annadale to Arthur Kill.

A picture of Staten Island with the West Shore study area highlighted.