Say hello to tap and go, with OMNY

The new contactless fare payment system – OMNY™ – is coming this spring to keep you moving at a New York pace.

The letters OMNY written in black line


What is OMNY? How will this change my subway or bus ride? Can I still use my MetroCard? Here are some fast facts.

  • We are beginning to roll out a new technology that will save you time and give you more options for how, when, and where you pay. Starting in March, we will undergo the final testing phase of our new contactless fare payment system, called OMNY.
  • OMNY is part of an effort to modernize the MTA that will make your trips faster and more convenient. It is built with the latest payment technology and backed by the latest payment security standards.
  • Starting in May, you will be able to use a contactless card or smart device to tap and go onboard all Staten Island buses and at subway stations on the 4, 5, and 6 lines between Grand Central-42 St and Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr.
  • Starting in May, pay-per-ride fares will be available with OMNY, without any advance purchase required. Over the coming months, we will expand OMNY to include payment options that are comparable to what is available today (like reduced fares and time-based passes), to make contactless payment a preferable option for everyone.
  • You can keep using your current payment method while the new system is phased in over several years, first on subways and buses and then on commuter rail. Once the OMNY system supports all the options available to you today, including reduced fares and time-based passes, we will phase out the MetroCard.
  • OMNY is built on the concept that we are One Metro New York and is based on the prefix “omni,” which means “all” or “of all things.” We believe that transportation is an essential service that connects communities and brings the diversity and energy of New York together. OMNY is the newest way to experience all that the region offers.

Once OMNY has been rolled out everywhere we serve, you can just tap and go, from Pleasant Plains to Poughkeepsie. We are One Metro New York.