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Fairfield-Black Rock (Fairfield Metro)

Metro-North Railroad
New Haven

This is an accessible station with elevators, ramps, tactile warning strips, and audiovisual passenger information systems.

Station area map

Amenities and services

Ticket machines

There are three ticket machines at this station:

  • Two on the west end of the westbound platform 
  • One on the eastbound platform at the bottom of the overpass 

Buy tickets ahead of time using the TrainTime app.

Customer service

There is no ticket office at this station.

Subway and bus connections
Lost & Found

Learn how to report, claim, or return a lost item to the Metro-North Railroad Lost & Found office.

Station renaming

Fairfield Metro Station is being renamed Fairfield-Black Rock Station. You may see both names in use while we work to update the name across our system.

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