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Long Island Rail Road Concourse and East End Gateway

We are renovating the Long Island Rail Road concourse at Penn Station to improve passenger circulation and ease congestion. This work also includes the new East End Gateway entrance, which opened in 2020.
Updated Jan 12, 2024
People walk through the renovated LIRR Concourse and East End Gateway at Penn Station


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  • September 2018: Plans announced for East End Gateway and LIRR concourse
  • June 2019: Construction began on East End Gateway
  • Fall 2020: Construction began on LIRR concourse
  • December 2020: East End Gateway opened
  • February 2022: "Headknocker" beams removed from Penn Station
  • August 2022: New luminous ceiling section unveiled
  • March 2023: Substantial completion achieved

About the project

We are currently making improvements to the Long Island Rail Road concourse at Penn Station. In addition to raising the ceiling to a height of 18 feet, the project will nearly double the width of the corridor and provide key accessibility upgrades to Penn Station. The project will improve lighting and air flow, add intuitive wayfinding, and enhance retail and dining options.  

As part of the project, we opened the East End Gateway at the end of 2020. This is a new entrance to Penn Station, located at 33 Street and Seventh Avenue. This station entrance provides much-needed direct access to the Long Island Rail Road main concourse and the subway lines.

Project benefits

  • Dramatic station entrance on Seventh Avenue 

  • Direct connection from street level to LIRR concourse and subway 

  • New ADA elevator entrance on the northwest corner of 33 St and 7 Av, four ADA elevator replacements 

  • Three state-of-the-art escalators and a new stairway to improve passenger circulation

  • Corridor twice as wide, decreasing foot traffic congestion 

  • Better lighting, air flow, and signs 


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