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MTA Announces Reduced-Fare MetroCards Now Available for Eligible Customers at All Customer Service Centers

New York City Transit
Updated April 29, 2024 5:30 p.m.

Senior Customers Enroll and Receive MetroCard Same Day 


Customers with Disabilities Can Sign Up In-Person 


Centers Provide Assistance Replacing Lost or Stolen Reduced-Fare MetroCards 


Services Available at Customer Service Centers Across 5 Boroughs 


Group Station Managers Office Hours to Begin in May 


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced customers aged 65 and over can now enroll in the Reduced-Fare program and receive their new Reduced-Fare MetroCards on the same day at Customer Service Centers (CSCs) across New York City. Customers with disabilities can also sign up for the Reduced-Fare program and receive in-person, individualized assistance from a station agent at CSCs and receive temporary Reduced-Fare cards while their applications are processed. Once fully enrolled, customers receive a Reduced-Fare MetroCard valid for two years and can reload their cards with either value or time. Station agents are available to assist customers who have lost their cards or are experiencing problems by resolving the issue or issuing temporary Reduced-Fare MetroCards at the CSCs. 


“Eligible customers can now skip the wait by applying for and receiving their Reduced-Fare MetroCards at Customer Service Centers in one visit,” said NYC Transit President Richard Davey. “This is a gamechanger for future Reduced-Fare customers, and it demonstrates the benefits of our network of Customer Service Centers in every borough, which are open for business 24/7. Station agents are at the ready to help customers navigate the enrollment process with ease and answer any questions they may have.” 


“Enrolling in fare programs that make the most sense for each customer should be as efficient and seamless as possible,” said MTA Chief Customer Officer Shanifah Rieara. “We’re meeting Reduced-Fare customers where they are and whenever they need assistance with customer service centers open 24/7 in all five boroughs.” 


"Our commitment to ensuring that all New Yorkers can use the subway system equitably remains steadfast,” said NYC Transit Department of Subways Senior Vice President Demetrius Crichlow. "Riders who visit a Customer Service Center will now not only receive quality, individualized service but also, if eligible, can enroll in the Reduced-Fare program, and if they are a senior can receive their MetroCard that day. Additionally, customers with disabilities no longer have to mail in their applications with this new offering.”


Reduced-Fare customers can head to the below CSCs in all five boroughs at the following locations: 


  • 34 St – Penn Station 

  • 125 St 

  • 161 St-Yankee Stadium 

  • 168 St 

  • Atlantic Av – Barclays Ctr 

  • Coney Island – Stillwell Av 

  • Fordham Rd 

  • Flushing – Main St 

  • Fulton St 

  • Jackson Hts – Roosevelt Av 

  • Myrtle – Wyckoff 

  • St. George 

  • Sutphin Blvd – Archers Av – JFK Airport 

  • Times Sq – 42 St 


In addition to visiting their nearest CSCs, customers can receive assistance at Mobile Vans, the New York City Transit Customer Service Center located at 3 Stone St in Lower Manhattan or apply via mail or online. All current Reduced-Fare MetroCard customers will receive a Reduced-Fare OMNY card at a later date. 


New York City Transit also announced that as part of ongoing customer service enhancements, Group Station Manager (GSM) office hours will begin in May. GSMs, staff and partners from throughout the MTA will be available to meet with customers and answer any questions. Each GSM will hold office hours twice a month at select stations in their zones between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Dates and times will be advertised via digital screens in stations and marketing materials.  


“Group Station Manager office hours are crucial to being visible and engaging with our customers,” said NYC Transit VP of Station Environment and Operations Sheila Hutson. “By working with different MTA departments and outside partners like the NYPD, customers can be assured that we are listening, and that their feedback and opinions matter.”