Bedford Av Station | Brooklyn

Updated: 6/8/19

Because the L will run with reduced service nights and weekends starting April 26, 2019, through summer 2020, we're enhancing service on the M, G and 7. To connect you to these options, we're adding the new Williamsburg Link buses in Brooklyn and adding M14A service in Manhattan. Use this page to learn about your service options and construction updates happening at this station.

Things to Know

L service runs normally during the busiest times on weekdays at Bedford Av Station. If you're planning to use the L on nights and weekends:

  • Plan ahead: With trains every 20 minutes, you might not be able to board the first train depending on how many other customers are waiting. If you miss the first train, it's faster for the majority of customers to take alternatives.
  • Watch your step: Bedford Av Station will be crowded at certain times. Our staff and NYPD will be there to manage potential lines.
  • You have options: M, J, and G trains and Williamsburg Link buses are in the neighborhood and run more frequently than the L. If you get to Bedford Av Station and there's a line you don't want to wait in, the Williamsburg Link bus stops at Driggs Ave/N 6th (B91A).
  • Extra Brooklyn-only L train runs between Canarsie Rockaway-Parkway and Lorimer St: If you're traveling in Brooklyn on the L, note that some trains will terminate at Lorimer St. Look for a Manhattan-bound train to get to Bedford Av.

Plan Your Trip

Map that shows subway and bus routes available starting April 26, 2019 through summer 2020 near the Bedford Av Station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Bedford Av Station Service Map


Service at Bedford Av Station

The L will still be running at Bedford Av Station at all times, just less frequently during nights and weekends. Use this guide to know what's happening when:


5 AM to 8 PM  Regular L frequency Use the L
Weekdays 8 PM to 10 PM

8-9 PM every 5 minutes

9-9:30 PM every 12 minutes

9:30-10 PM: gradual transition to every 20 minutes

Plan ahead for longer than usual trip times or consider alternatives
Weeknights 10 PM to 1:30 AM Reduced L frequency Plan ahead for longer than usual trip times or consider alternatives
Weeknights 1:30 AM to 5 AM Regular L frequency (every 20 minutes Use the L
Weekends 6 AM to 1:30 AM Reduced L frequency Plan ahead with alternatives; L trains will be crowded and with potential long wait times to board
Weekend nights 1:30 AM to 6 AM Regular L frequency (every 20 minutes) Use the L

Alternate Service

Service change effective Saturday, June 8, 2019: We introduced a new Williamsburg Link bus route, the B91A to replace the current B91 and B92. Learn more

During the busiest hours on weekends, the L will run every 20 minutes while alternate subway and bus options run more frequently:

  • M every 8 minutes
  • J every 10 minutes
  • G every 8 minutes
  • 7 every 4 minutes
  • Williamsburg Link B91A bus every 8 minutes
  • M14 A/D combined will run every 3 minutes

Travel Guides

Using alternate service on nights and weekends will often be faster than waiting for the L. Here are some trip plans for common destinations:

Destination L first train during low ridership times (assumes a 10 minute wait) L during busy ridership times (assumes waiting for second train) Using alternate subway and bus options Recommended alternate route
Union Square 19 39 35 B91A > JM > M14A
Rockefeller Center 29 49 35 B91A > M
Grand Central 27 47 36 G > 7


Station Improvements

Once complete, Bedford Av will have:

  • Full accessibility with a new elevator
  • Four new staircases, for a total of eight
  • Mezzanine extension, doubling capacity at this station

Learn more about L Project construction