Updated 5/3/2019

We broke ground for the L Project in July 2017. The completed work to date was primarily for the capacity and accessibility projects we designed in tandem with the tunnel work to make the most of the closure. The tunnel rehabilitation phase begins on April 26, 2019.

Station Improvements

We’re continuing to make improvements at other subway stations to improve capacity. This includes work such as reconstructing entrances, reopening old entrances, building more stairways and adding more turnstiles. Stations with improvements include:

  • Flushing Av
  • Hewes St
  • Marcy Av
  • Metropolitan Av-Lorimer St
  • Broadway Junction (JZ side)
  • Court Sq
  • Nassau Av
  • 14 St-Union Sq
  • Morgan Av
  • DeKalb Av
  • Halsey St
  • Bushwick-Aberdeen
  • Bedford Av
  • 1 Av

Revised approach to tunnel rehabilitation

On January 3, 2019, Governor Cuomo invited deans and faculty from the engineering schools from Columbia and Cornell Universities to present a recommendation for part of the L Project. The recommendation focused on the tunnel rehabilitation piece of the project. They shared a revised approach that would allow for two-way service to continue on the L during the tunnel repairs instead of fully closing down the tunnel and service.

What's completed and what's continuing

The recommendation includes an approach that would allow for two-way service to continue on the L during the tunnel repairs. But the L Project is about more than the tunnel. You can think of the L Project in three parts:

  1. Tunnel rehabilitation work
  2. Capacity and accessibility improvements
  3. Additional capital projects related to the L

The announcement and recommendation focused on the tunnel rehabilitation. The recommendation is a change to how we execute the repairs.

Here’s the list of what’s already been completed, and what will continue:


  • Reopened stair at Flushing Av Station: More direct access to the station for customers. It also doubled the number of people who can get in and out of this station with the added turnstiles.
  • Reopened stair at Hewes St Station: A shorter walk for some customers, and new turnstiles and stairs which doubled the number of people who can get in and out.
  • Expanded mezzanine and opened several stairs at Metropolitan Av-Lorimer St (GL).
  • Demolished and rebuilt two staircases to be 50 percent wider at 14 St-Union Sq, including reconfiguring them for better station flow.
  • Court Square walkway project and Nassau St turnstiles work are complete.
  • Two stairways were relocated and two new ones were constructed at Broadway Junction, connecting the J/Z platform to the mezzanine.
  • Opened three new staircases at Bedford Av Station: Of the four planned, we’ve already opened three of these new staircases. Once completed, there will be eight total staircases at Bedford Av Station.
  • Expanded two staircases, expanded the platform on one end and added a turnstile for more capacity at Marcy Av Station (JMZ).
  • Rehabilitated the existing track switches at 3 Av Station: This was work that needed to be done, and we completed it already.


  • Repair Superstorm Sandy damage: Our objective was to make the tunnel safe for operations in the long-term and it still is.
  • Make the tunnel more resilient: Another objective of the plan was to minimize and prevent damage from the entry of water into the system from major storms, and that isn’t changing. The new recommendation offers ideas to further enhance this.
  • More L train service: We are building the three additional substations, which are the power sources for our trains. By adding three, we will be able to run more trains per hour in peak times, making better use of the communications-based train control (CBTC) signaling system’s capabilities.
  • Three new accessible L platforms: The Bedford Av and 1 Av station elevators are already under way. The 14 St/6 Av (L platform) Station accessibility upgrade will also still happen as an extension of the L Project.
  • 14 stations improvements: We’re still doing work at Bedford Av, 1 Av, Morgan Av, DeKalb Av, Halsey St and Bushwick-Aberdeen, in addition to the completed projects.
  • More capacity at Bedford Av Station: The mezzanine extension and four total staircases being added will allow us to double capacity at this station (in addition to the elevators).
  • More capacity at 1 Av Station: A new entrance at the Avenue A end—meaning two new stairways on either side of 14th Street—will help more people get in and out of the station faster (in addition to the new elevators).
  • Rehabilitating existing track switches south of Bedford Av: Like the track switches we’ve already repaired near 3 Av Station, this was work that needed to be done.

Above ground construction work

As mentioned, we are still moving forward with the elevator projects at 1 Av and Bedford Av Stations, as well as the substation work. This is what you’re seeing in-progress if you peek into our construction sites there.

However, we’re using this opportunity to look at all our construction work schedules and timelines, so we may make additional changes.

Monitoring and reporting

The safety of our customers, employees and the general public is the MTA's top priority. We take seriously public concerns about air quality in the L tunnel and in the stations along the L during this period of construction and have adopted very conservative standards for exposure of the public to dust and silica, a part of the dust generated by the demolition of concrete.

View dust monitoring reports