14 St-6 Av Station | Manhattan

Updated: 9/3/19

Because the L will run with reduced service nights and weekends starting April 26, 2019, through summer 2020, we're enhancing service on the M, G and 7. To connect you to these options, we're adding M14 SBS service in Manhattan and offering free transfers for Williamsburg neighborhood buses (Q54, B62, B24). Use this page to learn about your service options and construction updates happening at this station.

Things to Know

L service runs normally during the busiest times on weekdays at 14 St-6 Av Station. If you're planning to use the L on nights and weekends:

  • Plan ahead: With trains every 20 minutes to Manhattan, you might not be able to board the first train depending on how many other customers are waiting. If you miss the first train, it's faster for the majority of customers to use the M14 A/D SBS to another subway.
  • You have options: The M is just a platform away in the station complex and M14 A/D SBS are in the neighborhood and run more frequently than the L. If you get to the station and there's a line for the L you don't want to wait in, use M14 A/D SBS to travel in Manhattan and to get to Brooklyn, head over to the M.
  • Watch your step: 14 St-6 Av will be crowded at certain times. Our staff and NYPD will be there to manage potential lines.
  • L trains might be held in stations for a few minutes: This will help us keep trains on schedule. Doors will be kept open when we hold.

Plan Your Trip

Manhattan map showing bus and subway service during the L Project, starting April 26, 2019 through summer 2020

14 St-6 Av Station Service Map

Service at 14 St-6 Av Station

The L will still be running at 14 St-6 Av Station at all times, just less frequently during nights and weekends. Use this guide to know what's happening when:


5 AM to 8 PM  Regular L frequency Use the L
Weekdays 8 PM to 10 PM

8-9 PM every 5 minutes

9-9:30 PM every 12 minutes

9:30-10 PM: gradual transition to every 20 minutes

Plan ahead for longer than usual trip times or consider alternatives
Weeknights 10 PM to 1:30 AM Reduced L frequency Plan ahead for longer than usual trip times or consider alternatives
Weeknights 1:30 AM to 5 AM Regular L frequency (every 20 minutes) Use the L
Weekends 6 AM to 1:30 AM Reduced L frequency Plan ahead with alternatives; L trains will be crowded and with potential wait times to board
Weekend nights 1:30 AM to 6 AM Regular L frequency (every 20 minutes) Use the L

Alternate Service

During the busiest hours on weekends, the L will run every 20 minutes while alternate subway and bus options run more frequently:

  • M every 8 minutes on a connecting platform in the station
  • M14 A/D SBS combined will run every 3 minutes
  • J every 10 minutes
  • G every 8 minutes
  • 7 every 4 minutes

Travel Guides

Using alternate service on nights and weekends will often be faster than waiting for the L. Here are some trip plans for common destinations:

Destination L first train during low ridership times (assumes a 10 minute wait) L during busy ridership times (assumes waiting for second train) Using alternate subway and bus options Recommended alternate route
Bedford Av 25 45 30 M
Myrtle-Wyckoff 36 56 32 M
Union Square 14.5 34.5 7.5 M14 A/D SBS
Grand Central 23 43 17 FM > 7

Station Improvements

Once complete, 14 St-6 Av will have:

  • Full accessibility to the L platform with an elevator, followed by an elevator connecting the FM platform. Additionally, with the next capital plan, the 1/2/3 platforms will also be made accessible. This will be managed as one project to increase efficiency, and will be done in phases with the L platform accessibility scheduled for completion first. Details include:
    • L platform accessibility: This project will provide two elevators from the street to the mezzanine, and another two from the mezzanine to the L train platform. Work will start on or before December 31, 2020, and will complete on or before December 31, 2022.

    • F, M platform accessibility: As part of the design and construction of the L platform accessibility, we are also designing and planning certain preliminary preparatory work for additional accessibility upgrades to the F and M train platform, including two elevators. With the additional elevators, we'll use the two street elevators that will be installed to support the L platform accessibility to also connect the F, M trains mezzanines (both uptown and downtown) from street level and the passageway leading to 14 St-6 Av Station on 7th Avenue. Construction of this project is to be included as part of the 2020-2024 Capital Program Plan proposal, which will seek the right approvals and funding to start construction in that five-year time period.

  • New platform components

Learn more about L Project construction