EasyPay Reduced Fare Metrocard

Customers eligible for our reduced fare Metrocards can sign up for an EasyPay option. These cards combine the benefits of a Pay-per-Ride and Unlimited options.


Reduced fares are available for MTA subway, bus, and rail customers who are 65 or older or who have a qualifying disability. When applying for a reduced-fare Metrocard®, you can sign up for the Easypay option.

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Payment issues, lost or stolen card, and closing your account

If your card is lost or stolen, you should immediately report it online. You manage your EasyPay Reduced Fare Metrocard the same way you would a regular EasyPayXpress Metrocard.

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Starting out with a Pay-Per-Ride account

Reduced fare customers who want to sign up for EasyPay must start out with a Pay-Per-Ride account. A Reduced Fare Pay-Per-Ride EasyPay Metrocard works like a regular Pay-Per-Ride card. It deducts value from your account as you swipe based on the reduced bus and subway fares.

You create an account, and link it to a credit or debit card. You set up a reduced fare account with $10. You can use a tax-free transportation benefits card to set up an account. The account refills automatically when the balance falls below $10. You can set a higher refill amount if you would like.

EasyPay Pay-Per-Ride card can be used on:

  • Subways,
  • Local Buses, and
  • Express buses.

EasyPay Pay-Per-Ride card cannot be used on:

  • AirTrain JFK, and
  • Path trains.

Automatic conversion to unlimited fare

Reduced-fare customers can save money by setting their refill amount at $60.50. If your refill amount is set to $60.50 and you spend more than that in a 30-day period, your card automatically converts to an Unlimited Ride Card. Trips on subways and local buses will be free for the rest of the 30-day period. Trips on Express buses or AirTrain JFK still cost the full fare.

Automatic conversation only works if your refill amount is set at $60.50, not if you spend $60.50 total. For example, if your refill amount is set to $10 and you refill seven times in 30 days, you will have spent $70 but not triggered the automatic conversion. Express bus and AirTrain JFK trips don’t count towards the $60.50 total. At the end of the 30-day period, your card reverts back to Pay-Per-Ride.