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Which LIRR Ticket You Should Buy to Save Money

The Long Island Rail Road offers you several ways to save on your commute, with multiple ticket types and purchase options. You choose how much you save based on how you ride. All fares are based on the cost of One-Way Peak ticket, and discounts are approximate.

Monthly Commuters

Monthly tickets, good for unlimited rides in a calendar month, are ideal for those who commute every day. Save approximately 50 percent based on 42 One-Way rides per month.

Weekly Commuters

Weekly tickets save you 30 percent based on 10 One-Way rides per week. Unlimited rides for seven days are perfect if you do not work a full calendar month.

Atlantic Ticket

Atlantic Ticket offers quick, convenient LIRR rides plus an option that includes a 7-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard ® for connections to NYC Transit (NYCT) subways and local buses. Get full details.

Occasional Riders

One-Way tickets are best for occasional riders:

  • One-Way Peak
    This ticket applies to all westbound weekday morning trains scheduled to arrive at western terminals between 6 AM and 10 AM and all eastbound weekday trains scheduled to depart western terminals between 4 PM and 8 PM. This ticket is valid for 60 days, including the date of sale.
  • One-Way Off-Peak
    This ticket saves you 27 percent. It is not valid during peak periods. It is valid for 60 days including date of sale.

Ten-Trip ticket types are available:

  • Ten-Trip Peak: These tickets are sold at the price of 10 Peak One-Way fares.
  • Ten-Trip Off-Peak: Save 15 percent off the price of 10 Off-Peak One-Way tickets. 
  • Seniors/Medicare/People with Disabilities Ten-Trip: Sold at the price of 10 Senior/ Medicare/People with Disabilities One-Way fares.

Senior Citizen/Reduced Fare

Seniors may save up to 50 percent on the full One-Way Peak fare. Get full details.

Families and Children

The Family Fare costs $1 per rider each way on Off-Peak and evening Peak trains for up to four children (age 5-11) per traveling adult (18 and over). The Child Fare, for morning Peak trains, saves 50 percent off full fare.

Weekend Riders

Our CityTicket lets you travel for $4.50 on weekends within New York City. CityTicket is not valid to/from Far Rockaway and Belmont and is not sold on-board trains.


Group tickets are valid for 30 or more riding together. These tickets save groups up to 60 percent. See here for more information on Group Travel.