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Customer Service Phone Numbers

Updated Oct 15, 2020

For all MTA services, dial 511, the New York State transit and traffic line.

To reach an MTA service, simply say (at any time) MTA or the service you are interested in: Subways and Buses, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, or Bridges and Tunnels. (New York City Transit's paratransit service, Access-A-Ride should be called directly; see below for the phone number.)

Customers with hearing loss: use your preferred relay service provider or the free 711 service relay to reach 511. 
Out-of-region and international callers, consult the menu below.

Service times are indicated. When days of the week are not specified, the service is available seven days a week.

To narrow your search, please select a category:

New York City Subways and Buses (New York City Transit, MTA Bus, Staten Island Railway)

  1. Dial 511
  2. Say "Subways and Buses"
  3. Choose from below to be properly directed:
    • Say "Service Status" for:
      'Service Status' (including subways, buses, elevators, escalators, service changes, accessible travel, language translation assistance)
    • Say  "Plan a Trip" for:
      Trip Planning/Schedules
    • Say "MetroCard" for:
      MetroCard (including Balance Protection, Reduced-Fare, EasyPay, Claim Filing, and Tracking)
    • Say "MetroCard" or call direct – 877-323-7433 for:
    • Say "Comments and concerns" for:
      Comments and Concerns (including Delay Verification)
    • Say "Lost and found" for:
      Lost and Found
    • Say "Transit Adjudication" for:
      Transit Adjudication Bureau
    • Say "More choices" then:
      • "Employment center" for:
      • "Corporate directory" for:
        Corporate Directory
      • "Bulk Map Request" for:
        Bulk Map Request
      • "Visually impaired balance information"
        or call direct – 800-861-9614 for:
        Balance Information for the Visually-Impaired

New York City Paratransit Services (Access-A-Ride)

  1. Call 877-337-2017
    (From outside region 718-393-4999)
  2. Choose from below to be properly directed:
    • Press "0" to repeat message
    • Press "1" for Applications and Information
    • Press "2" to Make a Reservation
    • Press "3" to Change a Reservation
    • Press "4" to Cancel a Reservation
    • Press "5" to report Same-day Travel Problems
    • Press "6" for Subscription Service
    • Press "7" to reach the Automated System
    • Press "8" to make Commendations, Complaints or Suggestions   

Long Island Rail Road

  1. Dial 511 Or 718-217-LIRR (718-217-5477)
  2. Say "Long Island Rail Road"
  3. Choose from below to be properly directed:
    • Say "Schedules" for Schedules Information
    • Say “Fares” for Fare Information
    • Say “Mail and Ride” for Mail&Ride
    • Say “Group Travel” for Group Travel and Getaways
    • Say “Lost & Found” for Lost & Found
    • Say “More Options” then:
      • “Ticket Refunds” for Refunds
      • “Ticket Machines” for Ticket Machine Assistance
      • “Hamptons Reserve” for Hamptons Reserve Service
      • “Public Affairs” for Comments & Concerns
      • “Corporate Directory” for Corporate Offices or All Other Business

Metro-North Railroad

  1. Dial 511 
    (From Connecticut 877-690-5114)
  2. Say "Metro-North Railroad"
  3. Choose from below to be properly directed:
    • Say "Schedules" for Schedules Information
    • Say “Fares” for Fare Information
    • Say “Mail and Ride” for Mail&Ride
    • Say “Mobile Ticketing” for Mobile Ticketing
    • Say “More Options” then:
      • “Station Information” for Station Information
      • “Promotions” for Promotions
      • “Group Sales” for Group Sales
      • “Lost and Found” for Lost & Found
      • “Ticket Machines” for Ticket Machine Assistance
      • “Comments and Concerns” for Comments & Concerns
      • “Corporate Directory” for Corporate Offices or All Other Business

Bridges and Tunnels

  1. Call 511 for MTA and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey bridges and tunnels:
    Robert F. Kennedy-Triborough, Bronx-Whitestone, Throgs Neck, Verrazzano-Narrows, Henry Hudson, Cross Bay, Marine Parkway Bridges; Queens Midtown, Hugh L. Carey Tunnels and George Washington, Goethals, Bayonne, Outerbridge Bridges, Holland, and Lincoln Tunnels.
  2. For MTA Bridges and Tunnels, say "Say "Bridges and Tunnels"
  3. Choose from below to be properly directed:
    • Press "1" for E-ZPass, Tolls by Mail, Violations, Collections
    • Press "2" if you know your party’s extension
    • Press "3" for Corporate Directory
    • Press "4" for Employment, Employment Verification, Benefits
    • Press "5" for Legal
    • Press "6" for Ticket/Token Refunds
    • Press "7" for Special Truck Handling
    • Press "8" for Bridge and Tunnel Locations
    • Press "9" for All Other

Other Numbers

  • New York City roads and all other bridges:311
  • E-ZPass Customer Service Center: 800-333-8655 (800-333-TOLL)
  • Tolls by Mail Customer Service Center: 844-TBM-8400 (844-826-8400)

MTA and Other General Numbers

  • Out of region callers: 877-690-5116 
  • International callers: 212-878-7000
  • Police Emergencies: 911
  • MTA Corporate Offices: 212-878-7000
  • Public Meeting Hotline: 212-878-7199
  • New York Transit Museum: 718-694-1600
  • Anti-Terrorism Hotline: 888-NYC SAFE (888-692-7233)
  • MTA Police non-emergencies: 212-878-1001