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Department of Diversity and Civil Rights

Our primary purpose is to ensure that all MTA programs and activities are inclusive and administered in a fair and equitable manner.

Who we are

The Department of Diversity and Civil Rights (DDCR) is responsible for delivering cutting-edge strategies to the MTA that cultivate an environment where differences are viewed as assets, diversity is an expectation, and inclusivity is a core value. 

The mission of DDCR is to eliminate barriers that inhibit individuals from attaining equal access to and participation in services, benefits, programs, employment, and procurement opportunities offered by the MTA. Our vision is to ignite a paradigm shift to a culture that does not view Civil Rights as a legal mandate, but sees it as a right for all persons, groups, communities, and social/economic classes.

DDCR is committed to being in full compliance with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Civil Rights guidelines, ensuring that all discriminatory concerns or complaints by applicants, employees, contractors and customers are responded to and thoroughly investigated in a timely manner.

Any individual or group wishing to make a discrimination complaint may do so here.

What we do

DDCR provides internal and external stakeholders with a variety of services designed to ensure equitable and inclusive participation in all MTA endeavors and to assure compliance with local, state and federal, laws, regulations executive orders and equal opportunity program requirements.

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