External Partner Program

The External Partner Program guides public- and private-sector designers and contractors through the technical implementation of projects that require MTA review and approval. We support our partners through design and constructability reviews, construction initiation and oversight, and project close-outs. By emphasizing early planning and coordination, we agree on shared goals, limit potential conflicts and realize better projects.

Building within 200 feet of MTA property

Private property owners who are building within 200 feet of MTA property should contact our Adjacency Projects Team.

The Adjacency Projects Team reviews and approves, or provides a determination of no impact, for residential, commercial and other developments initiated by the private sector. We will help identify the best design and engineering solutions to mitigate potential impacts to our transit system and customers.

Please contact EPP-Adjacency@mtacd.org.

Partnering with the MTA on public-sector infrastructure projects

Public agencies and utility companies that are engaging in construction activities within 200 feet of MTA property should contact our Public Agency and Utilities Team.

The Public Agency and Utilities Team works with a range of federal, state and local agencies, as well as utility companies, to review and approve projects from simple utility connections to complex infrastructure projects—and then oversees their implementation. We'll ensure that the project moves forward without harming the integrity of MTA's unique infrastructure.

Please contact EPP-PublicAgency@mtacd.org.

Private sector development of transit infrastructure

Private property owners who wish to improve the MTA transit system as part of their development project (or who are required to do so by local land use/zoning codes) should contact our Transit-Oriented Development Team.

The MTA's Transit-Oriented Development Team advises property owners who wish to—or, in some cases, are required to—incorporate improvements to subway or train stations in their redevelopment project. These improvements could include elevators, escalators, new entrances and other station upgrades that increase accessibility, benefit the local community and attract more riders to the system. Developers typically choose to provide these improvements either because the City of New York Zoning Resolution requires them; because the developer is seeking to obtain an FAR bonus for the investments; or because they wish to improve their development's access to transit as an amenity to their tenants.

To learn more, please contact TOD@mtacd.org.

Once the scope is agreed to, EPP's Developer Improvements Team ensures that the initial conceptual design is consistent with MTA scope standards. The team then assists designers in developing construction plans for approval, manages the pre-construction process with contractors, oversees construction, and streamlines the project clouseout.

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What We Do

The External Partner Program streamlines the process for private- and public-sector designers and contractors to complete projects on and directly around MTA property, by

  • Providing transparent processes and standardized requirements from initial design through final inspection
  • Defining schedule timelines and holding ourselves accountable to them
  • Enabling digital submissions, reviews and documentation on our Asite platform
  • Promoting sustained collaboration between all parties

Reference documents and insurance guidelines are below.

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For general inquiries please contact us at: EPP@mtacd.org.

For inquiries regarding insurance submission to Asite, please contact us at: epp-insurance@mtacd.org.