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Stair Warnings

Updated Jan 17, 2020

Throughout this station, you’ll find yellow warning strips – not only on platform edges, but at the tops and bottoms of all staircases.

Designed for blind or low-vision customers, the yellow strips tell everyone: Watch your step!

As part of the  Accessible Station Lab pilot: 

We’re testing durable textured yellow tape at the bottoms of stairs and different yellow tactile materials at the top to see what works best. Tell us if you can feel the difference!

Tactile Materials

In the main mezzanine, there are two stair warning materials sit on top of the floor, made of hard plastic:

ADA Solutions’ raised dome product, on left, is above the stairways leading down to the ACF platforms. AccessTile’s raised dome product, on right, is used at 10 street entrances throughout the station and at the stairways leading down to the R platform from the Lawrence Street and Bridge Street mezzanines.

side-by-side images of tactile stair warnings in two different hard plastic materials

Detectable Warning System’s RediMat raised dome product is on your way down to the R platform. These stair warnings sit on top of the station floor and are made of a softer rubbery material. 

rubber tactile warning strip at top of stairs

In the Myrtle Ave mezzanine we’re using Heritage Tile’s in-laid ceramic product. Located at the top of the stairways leading down to the ACF platforms, these yellow raised dome tiles are flush with the ground.  

ceramic tactile stair warning material

Durable Color Contrast Tape:

At the bottom of stairways throughout the station we are using high-contrast yellow floor graphics printed by Color Reflections. 

point of view coming down the stairs showing bright yellow strip across bottom of stairs


Stair warnings and increased contrast around stairs are being implemented increasingly around the world. Imagine how bright stair warnings like these can make it easier to safely use stairs in the Subway system! 

Tell Us What You Think!

If you have feedback, you can use our web form and select Subways and Compliment (even if your feedback isn't positive--we want to hear it all!) from the drop down menus. Then select A Station and choose Accessible Station Lab, and tell us in the comment field which feature or features you tested and what you think. You can also call 511 and tell us what you think.