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Updated Jan 17, 2020

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For people who need to use elevators, navigating our subway stations and system as a whole can be difficult. 

As part of the Accessible Station Lab pilot, we're testing two new graphic signs:

  • Accessible Pathway Diagrams illustrate the station layout and highlight the accessible path.
  • Alternate Accessible Route Maps depict what to do in case an elevator is out or inaccessible. 

Together, these news signs can help riders who use elevators more easily navigate through both regular journeys and unplanned outages.

The elevator is for any customer that needs it, but when using the elevator but please be mindful of and give priority to customers with disabilities. We need your feedback on this new, graphical approach to accessible route signs.

Accessible Pathway Diagrams

For elevator users, getting from the street to the platform or transferring lines usually involves using at least two elevators. You can find the international symbol for accessibility (ISA) on signs throughout our stations indicating where you can find elevators.

These new Accessible Pathway Diagrams enhance our existing station signage with more detail on the full accessible pathway, station layout and how to get around. Located by most of the elevator landings in the station, each sign has accessible routing instructions specific to that location.

Diagram of station layout, highlighting the accessible route.

Alternate Accessible Route Maps

Finding the elevator is great, but what do you do if it’s out of service?

On the elevator itself, you’ll find an Alternate Route sign at each landing with clear instructions on how to continue your trip if that elevator is down. You can find these signs on elevators throughout the NYC subway system, and we are testing new maps in collaboration with Project Subway to illustrate the route options from Jay St-MetroTech station.

Alternate route information sign next to elevator from mezzanine to R platorm at Jay St-MetroTech station.

These new signs are designed by Project Subways NYC, a company that creates diagrams to help subway users navigate stations. To learn more, visit http://www.projectsubwaynyc.com/


Tell Us What You Think!

If you have feedback, you can use our web form and select Subways and Compliment (even if your feedback isn't positive--we want to hear it all!) from the drop down menus. Then select A Station and choose Accessible Station Lab, and tell us in the comment field which feature or features you tested and what you think. You can also call 511 and tell us what you think.