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Hearing Loop at Bowling Green

Updated Jan 17, 2020

Check out the new hearing induction loop – located at the Bowling Green Subway Station in lower Manhattan!

Induction Loop Technology, also referred to as a “Hearing Loop,” is designed to assist those who use hearing aids or have cochlear implants to better hear and understand audio announcements and conversations in public spaces. The hearing loop picks up audio through the microphone system and transmits it directly to the hearing aid. The hearing loop is always “on”. Users only need to set their assistive hearing devices to the T-coil setting to pick up the sound amplified by the hearing loop.

The loop doesn’t interfere with any other aspect of the announcement system – in fact, you probably won’t even notice it’s there, but it can be a huge benefit to a subway rider with hearing loss.

You can already find hearing loops at all station booth windows and on all Help Point customer information intercoms.

As part of the Accessible Station Lab project, We are testing a hearing induction loop on a subway platform to help customers who use hearing aids or cochlear implants understand station announcements like train arrivals and Public Service Announcements. We want to ensure this important service information is accessible to all.

You can find the hearing loop on the uptown platform at Bowling Green station

Image shows hearing loop taped in the Accessible Boarding Area on the uptown 4/5 platform at Bowling Green


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