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Colorful Wayfinding Floor Strips

Updated Jan 17, 2020

At Jay St-MetroTech, you'll notice brightly colored durable tape on the floors of the station! 

We’re using strips of brightly colors tape with subway line ‘bullets’ and arrows that guide you to the correct platforms. One strip also clearly highlights the accessible path to the elevators so you can get to the platform you need!


You will find the yellow R pathway on the main mezzanine and on the ACF platforms, directing those entering and transferring at this station. 

Yellow tape on station floor with R bullet and directional arrow pointing forward


The pathways leading to the ACF platforms feature several designs. 

In the main mezzanine, the pathway directing to both ACF platforms has a blue background with a white border. 

blue tape on station floor has small white border and the A, C, and F train bullets and arrow pointing forward.

When the pathway splits towards the Brooklyn-bound and Manhattan-bound platforms, the floor graphics specify if they are guiding towards ‘BKLYN’ or ‘MANH’, respectively. 

brightly colored tape on station floor with yellow tape with upside-down R train bullet pointing behind, and a Y-shaped split from the R tape where two pieces of blue tape, each with the A, C, and F train bullets divert in saying "BKLN" and "MANH" and arrows pointing diagonally left and diagonally right.


On the R platform, the pathway leading to the ACF transfer has a gray background. 

tape on station floor with grey background and A, C, and F bullets. Arrow at top points forward.


Lastly, the light blue accessible pathway features the International Symbol of Accessibility and directs customers on the mezzanine between the from the street elevator to the platform elevators and on the platforms, between the elevators and the Accessible Boarding Areas. 

ADA blue tape with ISA symbol on station floor

The directional floor wayfinding tape was designed by the Systemwide Accessibility Team and produced by Color Reflections. To learn more, visit https://www.colorreflections.com/.

Like in some airports, these floor graphics is intended to be used in conjunction with the signage you see throughout the station. Imagine how floor designs like these can make it easier to navigate some of the more complicated stations in the Subway system! 


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