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ClickAndGo Wayfinding

Updated Jan 17, 2020

ClickAndGo Logo. Reads "Click and go" on top, aand "wayfinding" below, in all caps.

ClickAndGo Wayfinding offers multiple kinds of wayfinding solutions for the blind and low-vision community.


As part of the Accessible Station Lab pilot, ClickAndGo is offering two wayfinding solutions for the blind and low-vision:

You may notice large black and white tactile maps on the station walls near the Jay St and Willoughby St entrance and the Myrtle Avenue entrance at MetroTech Plaza.

ClickAndGo also has a free app that provides detailed step-by-step audio directions and high-contrast route maps, all of which is also available on their website. The maps and the app work together with the tactile guideways in the station to guide users to their destination. 

ClickAndGo Wayfinding App

The app and website contain a library with virtual tours of each mezzanine and more than 50 routes through Jay St-MetroTech station – you can start at any entrance and go to any platform using stairs, escalators, or elevators, and even connect to nearby bus stops. The app and website can help you find landmarks like the station booth or the new tactile maps of each station environment near the Willoughby Street and Myrtle Ave mezzanine entrances.

Graphic shows the step-by-step navigation for ClickAndGo from a bus stop to a train station entrance. The graphic shows a pop-outs of smartphone graphics next to "beacons" indicating the app's feebdack when it detects beacons. The smartphone graphic next to the bus stop says "main street station bus stop." The second smartphone reads "main street escalator entrance."

Try ClickAndGo's Wayfinding App Today: 

Once you download the app from the Apple App Store, you’ll see three tabs at the bottom of your smartphone. 

  • Under Venues, search for and select “New York City Transit.”  
  • Use the Routes option to select a starting landmark and an ending landmark to receive step-by-step directions through the station. 
  • Under Settings, you can select Listen for Beacons for additional information as you pass through the station. You can also adjust the speed and pitch of the audio.  

The ClickAndGo Wayfinding app is currently only available for Apple devices. Don’t have an Apple smart phone? You can also visit the ClickAndGo website before you come to the station and use their virtual tours, walking routes, and route maps to familiarize yourself with Jay St-MetroTech and the surrounding area. You can even download or print a large-print, high color-contrast map and bring it with you on your journey.

Available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play!

apple app store logo next to google play store logo

Tactile Station Environment Maps

Near the entrances at the NW corner of Jay St and Willoughby St and at Myrtle Avenue, you will find a tactile map of the street-level surrounding the Jay St-MetroTech Station as well as the environments of each of the mezzanines where these maps are located. 

image shows ClickAndGo Wayfinding's tactile map of the Myrtle Avenue Mezzanine at Jay St-MetroTech station.

The maps use a library of textures, explained in an accompanying map key, along with large print and braille. These features work together to help subway riders, especially those who are blind or low-vision, orient themselves to the station environment by identifying:

  • Their location in the station
  • The relative location of important station features like elevators and escalators, MetroCard Vending Machines, and the Station Booth
  • The new tactile guideways, which help guide blind users through the station. 

To learn more about ClickAndGo Wayfinding, visit www.clickandgomaps.com.

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