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Accessible Boarding Area Floor Markers

Updated Jan 17, 2020

Customers who use wheelchairs or walkers need to be especially aware of the gap between the platform edge and the subway car. The Accessible Boarding Area is often near the center of the platform where the conductor’s car usually stops and the gap is the smallest. This section of the platform has been altered to reduce the gap between the train and the platform so that people who use mobility devices can safely board the train.

There’s a sign above the Accessible Boarding Area in every accessible station, but as part of the Accessible Station Lab, we’re testing a large blue decal on the floor to mark this area. We think this will make it easier for customers who need the Accessible Boarding Area to find it, and let all other customers know that those who use wheelchairs or walkers may be boarding in this area.

If you push a stroller or luggage, you can still board in this area, but please be mindful of and give priority to customers with disabilities.

2 images side-by side: first on left shows Accessible Boarding Area, including moving train on left, floor decal which is blue, says "accessible boarding area," and has the International Symbol for Accessibility. Image on right is a close-up shot of the floor decal.

The Accessible Boarding Area Floor Marker was designed by the New York City Transit team and produced by Color Reflections. To learn more, visit https://www.colorreflections.com/.



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