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Make an ADA-related complaint or request

Updated Jan 4, 2021

How complaints and requests work

  1. Customers have several options by which to submit complaints to the MTA
  2. All complaints will be entered and tracked in the MTA's customer database.
  3. All customers will receive an initial acknowledgement of their complaint promptly, and where possible, complaints will be resolved on the first contact.
    • Further correspondence and feedback to the customer is determined based on issue type, severity, and customer request(s). The MTA's goal is to resolve all complaints promptly, however, some complaints may require additional investigation and follow-up time.

Make a reasonable modification request

You may request a reasonable modification of MTA policies, practices or procedures to ensure that our subway, bus, and commuter rail services are accessible to everyone.

For complaints regarding MTA administrative buildings, including 2 Broadway, contact:

MTA Facilities Coordinator
2 Broadway Mezzanine
New York, New York 10004

Accessible formats are available upon request.