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Construction of Communications Tower in MTA NYC Transit East New York Train Yard

Updated Feb 18, 2020

New York City Transit (NYCT) is planning on constructing a communications tower in Brooklyn, NY. The tower, FCC form 854 file number A1137921, will be located in the NYCT East New York Train Yard adjacent to Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207 with the following location coordinates 40° 40’ 46.53” N, 73° 54’ 09.093” W.

The project will consist of the construction of a 299’ tall self-supporting tower with appurtenances and associated communications equipment shelter. The ground space will be developed within the train yard immediately adjacent to the tower. The tower will be lit with dual red / white medium intensity strobe lights. Interested persons may review the application by going to www.fcc.gov/asr/applications and entering the FCC form 854 file number provided above. Interested persons may raise environmental concerns about the structure by filing a Request for Environmental Review with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The FCC strongly encourages interested parties to file requests online, instructions for making such filings can be found at www.fcc.gov/asr/environmentalrequest; however, paper filings can be mailed to:

FCC Requests for Environmental Review
Attn: Ramon Williams
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20554