Individual Disability Exemption Plan

Vehicles enrolled in the Individual Disability Exemption Plan (IDEP) are exempt from the Congestion Relief Zone toll.

To qualify for IDEP, the vehicle must be registered to an individual with a disability that prevents them from using public transportation, or to a person designated by that individual, such as a caregiver, if they use that vehicle to drive the applicant in the Congestion Relief Zone. 

Enrolling into IDEP is a two-step process. Applicants first need to establish eligibility, and then use that eligibility to enroll in IDEP. 

Eligibility and credentials

To apply for IDEP, applicants must first establish eligibility for the plan by: 

  • Getting assessed at an IDEP Assessment Center and receiving a determination of eligibility, or 
  • Providing proof of enrollment in the MTA’s Access-A-Ride program, or 
  • Providing proof of enrollment in the NYC Parking Permit for People with Disabilities (PPPD) as of March 1, 2024

To be assessed at an IDEP Assessment Center, follow these steps: 

  1. Schedule an assessment appointment by calling (844) 233-3377. Appointments can currently be scheduled in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. Additional assessment centers will be available in Manhattan and Staten Island in Summer 2024. 
  2. Print and complete the IDEP Eligibility Assessment application. 
  3. Take a copy of the completed application form to the assessment appointment. 
  4. If the applicant is found to be eligible for IDEP, they will receive a IDEP eligibility approval notice. 

Once an applicant has established eligibility, they may apply for IDEP either for the vehicle registered to them, or for a vehicle registered to another person, such as a caregiver.

Enrollment in IDEP requires a valid E-ZPass New York account. If you already have an account, please ensure the license plate on the account is up to date.

Vehicle owners without an E-ZPass New York account can apply for one as part of their application to IDEP.

How to apply

The IDEP application is available on the E-ZPass New York website. Follow these steps:

  1. Download a PDF of the application package from the E-ZPass site.
  2. Fill out the applicable sections of the application, and upload it on the E-ZPass website.
  3. Upload the required documentation.

Applicants will receive a formal decision notice once their application is processed. If the application is denied, the decision notice will provide information on how to appeal.

You can also call the E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 800-333-8655 for assistance.

Apply for IDEP