Emergency Vehicle Exemption Plan

Emergency vehicles enrolled in the Emergency Vehicle Exemption Plan (EVEP) are exempt from the Congestion Relief Zone toll.

The Central Business District Tolling Program is temporarily paused pending necessary approvals.

The Congestion Relief Zone will launch at a later date. Check back for updates.

Eligibility and credentials

As defined by New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law ยง 101, qualifying emergency vehicles include: 

  • Ambulances and emergency ambulance service vehicles 
  • Blood delivery vehicles and human organ delivery vehicle 
  • Civil defense emergency vehicles 
  • Correction vehicles 
  • County emergency medical services vehicles
  • Environmental emergency response vehicles
  • Fire vehicles 
  • Hazardous materials emergency vehicles 
  • Police vehicles 
  • Sanitation patrol vehicles 
  • Ordnance disposal vehicles of the armed forces of the United States 

Specific eligibility requirements differ based on the type of emergency vehicle. Please refer to the Emergency Vehicle Exemption Plan application to learn more. 

Enrollment in EVEP requires a valid E-ZPass NY Business account. Organizations without an E-ZPass Business account can apply for one as part of their application to EVEP.

How to apply

The EVEP application is available on the E-ZPass New York website. Follow these steps: 

  1. Download a PDF of the application package from the E-ZPass site. 
  2. Fill out the applicable sections of the application, and upload it on the E-ZPass site. 
  3. Upload the required documentation. 

Applicants will receive a formal decision notice once their application is processed. If the application is denied, the decision notice will provide information on how to appeal.

You can also call the E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 800-333-8655 for assistance.

Apply for EVEP