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How cashless tolling works

Updated Jun 20, 2024

All MTA bridges and tunnels use cashless tolling. All vehicles drive underneath the gantry and pay with E-ZPass or receive a bill in the mail. Drivers who use E-ZPass can save at least 25%. 

With E-ZPass

Whenever you pass underneath a toll gantry, a radio transmitter inside your E-ZPass will communicate with overhead sensors. This automatically creates a bill for you at the discounted rate. There are a number of ways to pay:

  • Link to credit card or bank account
  • E-ZPass Pay Per Trip
  • Pay with cash

Without E-ZPass

When you pass underneath a toll gantry, cameras will photograph your license plate, and a bill for the non-discounted toll will be mailed to the registered owner of your vehicle.

Be sure to pay any toll bill you receive promptly, because people who don’t pay will be subject to fees of up to $100, registration suspension, and more.

Where cashless tolling works

As an E-ZPass customer of MTA Bridges and Tunnels, you can use your E-ZPass for travel at all E-ZPass-equipped facilities anywhere in the Northeast. 

Look for E-ZPass service at any of the participating agencies on this map.

Where to get an E-ZPass

Sign up on our E-ZPass website.

You can also get one in-person at Department of Motor Vehicles offices, American Automobile Association Northeast offices, and Downstate New York Retail Locations.