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Installing Mechanical Closure Devices at 138 St-Grand Concourse Station

Updated 1/24/2019

New Mechanical Closure Devices at 138 St-Grand Concourse, La Finca del Sur, Bronx, NY

New York City Transit (NYCT) plans to install MCDs in the ventilator structure that is located south of 138th Street, in La Finca del Sur community garden. These MCDs will have the ability to seal the ventilator grates so that the station is protected from future flood events. The ventilator’s existing structural condition is such that the MCDs cannot be installed without repairs. The top three (3) feet of the ventilator structure will be demolished and rebuilt with new galvanized steel beams, heavy duty steel gratings and reinforced concrete.

The proposed project’s improvements to the 138th St-Grand Concourse Station are needed to ensure flood protection during major storm events, such as was encountered during Superstorm Sandy. This long-term measure will improve the resiliency of NYCT’s assets to protect against future storms.

Invitation for Public Comments

This page is part of the public notification of MTA New York City Transit’s plan to install mechanical closure devices (MCDs) in the ventilator structure of the 138th St-Grand Concourse station, to prevent localized water infiltration in the station in accordance with 23CFR 774.17 governing the Section 4(f) de minimis impact determination.

Impacts to Park Land

The proposed project is located within the La Finca del Sur community garden. The estimated start date is December 2019 and the project is expected to be completed in February 2021; a total duration of 14 months. Approximately 13,927 square feet out of the total area of the community garden (38,397 square feet) will be temporarily occupied for the duration of the project. During construction, the rest of the community garden will remain open to the public.

The construction area will include the installation of a temporary construction fence for the protection of park visitors and a silt fence for dust and debris management in accordance with best management practices. During construction, noise and vibration impacts will be limited through adherence to local NYC laws. Approximately eight (8) trees will be removed and eight (8) trees will be equipped with tree protection guards as part of a tree protection zone. NYCT will plant new trees and install a permanent secondary gate for the convenience of the gardeners, as part of restoration efforts. There are no other anticipated impacts to regular activities at the garden. In addition to the tree replacements and the gate installation, NYCT will restore the site to its original condition or better in accordance with NYC Department of Parks and Recreation stipulations.

Public Review

NYCT invites you to submit comments about the Reconstruction of Ventilators at 138th St–Grand Concourse project and its impact on the public community garden, La Finca del Sur. All written comments must be submitted by September 27, 2019. Comments received after that date will not be considered.

Response to Comments