Ongoing Service Change: 168 St Station Bypass

We're replacing the elevators used to access 1 service

There will be no trains at 168 St until early 2020.

Customers, please use the following travel alternatives:


Take the A or C at this station, or use the 157 St 1 station.

Connections between AC and 1:

  • Transfer between 1 and AC at 59 St-Columbus Circle, or
  • New free transfer with MetroCard between 207 St or 215 St 1 stations and 207 St A station.


Take M5 service to/from 157 St 1 station. M5 buses will run with increased service during the day.

The M5 will also run overnight between 168 St and 157 St, 7 days a week.


A map depicting travel alternatives for 168 St 1 subway station

In addition to elevator replacement, we're also making necessary structural upgrades to the elevator shafts and stairways.